The Marina Kitchen

The Marina Kitchen is the first casual dining brand under CSI Catering Management Limited. It serves comfort and fast dining service in the food court at the Taipa Ferry Terminal for the convenience of inbound and outbound tourists as well as transit passengers. The Marian Kitchen also provides high quality and healthy dining choices  for those who is working among the neighborhood within walking distance. 

The Marina Kitchen is known for its vary choices of Macanese baked fried rice, traditional Cantonese double-boiled soup and homemade healthy drinks. The Marina Kitchen is very strict on food suppliers and the kitchen team is skilled and passionate with new style cooking method. With these all combines, The Marina Kitchen consciously presents customers with trendy and healthy dining experience with ultra great value.

Customers with the-same-day ferry ticket may enjoy 15% off on all purchase.

Selected Taipa Ferry Terminal working personnel may enjoy 20% off on all purchases.

* Please approach our store for more promotion details. The Marina Kitchen reserves all rights for any promotion.

Store information:
Address: 1312-H, Food Court at Taipa Ferry Terminal, Estrada de Pac On,  Taipa, Macau   (Near the shuttle bus entrance)
Opening hours: 11:00am - 20:00pm, Monday to Sunday
Pick-up contact: 2833 3373


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