CSI Group

Business field

CSI Group was established in 2003. Our group comprises a diverse range of services, such as public utilities, public constructions, real estate development, interior design, entertainment production, presenting and organizing concert, organizing marketing activity and wine wholesale and retail.

CSI Group always aims to deliver a more extensive range of services and develop our business field into another level. Therefore, The Macau Special Administrative Region Government has approved CSI Group as the Operational Management of Macau Taipa Ferry Terminal in 2017. Nowadays, CSI Group is also shouldering the mission of servicing Macau citizen and tourists.

CSI Group also includes numerous subsidiaries under its umbrella, including CSI Catering Management Limited, Chong San Interior Design & Construction Limited, Kenneth International Entertainment Limited, Hou Tin International Port Management Limited, Chong Zok Management Consultants Limited, and Kenneth Wine Cellar.

Our Group Mission

We always stick to the mission of Concentric, Solidarity, and Innovation, wishing to build a superb relationship between clients, business partners, and our employees. Therefore, the name ‘CSI’ is formed by the initial letter of ‘Concentric’, ‘Solidarity’, and ‘Innovation’, wishing our employees always remember the value of Concentric, Solidarity, and Innovation.


The logo of CSI Group has used the symbol of ‘unlimited’ as the main design, according to the direction of company’s development, CSI aims to establish the company’s business in a more diversified way, and constantly seeking for innovation and improvement.

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