Chong San Interior Design & Construction Limited has always been a commitment to safety engineering design, construction and renovation is carried out via a secure and efficient mode of construction. We are pay attention to safety and health at work.

We seek to ensure that all laws and contractual requirements related to health and safety can be observed and performed. Companies do everything reasonably practicable, in any case, all the security measures introduced into the project planning, providing safety, construction safety system, safety training and personal protective equipment.

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Chong San has been certified to ISO9001 quality management system certification, the company is committed to "comply with regulations and customer requirements, according to the quality and safety of construction, efficient use of resources" policy, with a view to strengthen the implementation of quality management in the project, we are committed to providing customers quality services and corporate social responsibility.



Chong San will continue through regular review and continuous improvement to achieve higher levels of occupational health and safety, and will continue to contribute to our industry.

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